Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly Review through August 6

Reviewing fitness, farm, and life on the blog! 
View of one of our pastures with that big Montana sky! Also, can you spot Harvey? :)
Now that the triathlon is behind me, it's time to focus on running again. I have a goal 10K race coming up at the end of August, and I'm shooting for a PR. This year, I'm adding a little mileage to my training leading up to the race as compared to past races. I found a training plan that encompasses long runs of 7 and 8 miles as part of a "Run Your Fastest" 10K plan, and also mixes in speedwork. I think this will help me feel less fatigued at the end of the race. Plus, by the time I get in a pre-race warmup and a cooldown afterwards, I'm usually up to 8 miles or so anyway, so it makes sense to train with that distance a few times to get my body used to it. I'm also doing more yoga again, which I love!

July 24-30
Sunday- rest.
Monday- 30 minutes yoga
Tuesday- 5.3 miles running
This run started with me hitching a ride with my husband in a semi truck!
I ran the 5.3 miles back to our house from here. 
Wednesday- 30 min yoga
Thursday- 5.7 miles treadmill interval run
Friday- rest
Saturday- 30 minutes yoga

July 31-August 6
Sunday- 6.3 mile run
Many of my runs are starting or ending at the harvest field lately.
Monday- rest
Tuesday- 4.2 mile treadmill speedwork
Wednesday- 30 minutes yoga
Thursday- rest
Friday- 45 minutes elliptical
Saturday- 7 mile run! Longest run I've ever done in my life!

Year-to-Date through August 6
Running: 358.15
Walking/Hiking: 93.6 miles 
Yoga: 1310 min 
CC-Ski: 500 min / 14.1 miles *Done for the season
Alpine Ski: 3 days *Done for the season
Mountain bike: 174.6
Swimming: 11500 yards

We have started harvest, which is our busiest time of the year on the farm. Looooong days are spent in the field. This year, Jeff and Tom started the harvest season out by helping some of our heighbors cut their winter wheat. Then, we began cutting our peas and barley. We should be done with barley tomorrow. Then, it seems like we might have a bit of a break before our spring wheat, which is the bulk of our crop, will be ready. Some of the specific tasks I have been helping with have included helping Jeff move and set up the auger, moving vehicles from one field to another, cleaning out grain bins, preparing lunches and dinners...other duties as assigned... I'm also continuing to try to keep the garden going. Right now, I'm harvesting zucchini, carrots and cucumbers while tomatoes and green beans are just coming on.
Barley is unloaded from the truck into the auger, and goes up into a grain bin.
I have some great news in this department- I have a job! I am going to be starting as the Elementary Secretary at North Star this school year! I'm so, so happy to be working at the school. I applied for the job in July, followed up on my application, and interviewed shortly after that. After the interview, I was offered the job and accepted. (Some people have asked me if I was just given the job- and that's not the case. I applied, just like anyone else would.) One thing I know is that I'm grateful and honored to officially join the North Star staff. In my previous job, I worked in the school, but I wasn't actually employed by the school. So, this will feel different. I'm most excited about interacting with students and staff on a daily basis. We have the BEST kids and staff at our school!
This is our cat, Quincy, who felt the need to "help" me repaint this table. One of my "holy crap summer is almost over!" projects. :)
What this means is that my summer is going to be over very shortly as I will be reporting to school on August 15! We will definitely still have harvest happening on our farm at that time, so it could be a little crazy/stressful at first balancing a new job with on-farm obligations. It will certainly be fun, though! Wish me luck! :)


  1. Congrats on the job and good luck. As always, thanks for the updates on your life and the farm.

    1. Thank you! Thanks for reading and commenting. :)


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