Hi! I'm Katie! Welcome to my blog!

I grew up in the Central Iowa town of Ames, where I also went to Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!), where I graduated with a double major in Apparel Design and French and grand ideas of being a city girl. A post-college job search took me to Jackson, Wyoming, where I lived for a few years and worked as an Assistant Manager in a retail store, learned how to ski, and realized that I loved living in the West. I'm still not sure how I had gone my whole life previously without having constant access to the mountains!

While living in Wyoming, I met a nice young man named Jeff. He introduced me to his family, his farm, and the great state of Montana. I found myself moving from Jackson, WY to Bozeman, MT to be closer to him, and to further my "Montana Education," which included intensive coursework on the Bobcats and the great outdoors. Jeff and I got married in 2011 and I then moved up to the family farm in North-Central Montana, north of Inverness, where I will stay with Jeff for many long and happy years to come! This blog is about my life and experiences living in this unique and lovely place!

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  1. Hi Katie ! This is Dan Hybner and as always enjoy reading your blog ! Just so you know "Stalker" Jim Fitz. from Washington has been going crazy trying to find where your blog has moved to,so let me know how to send him the link or whatever he needs so I can get some peace and quiet. Thanks


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