Monday, April 20, 2015

Stitch Fix April 2015 Review

Hey, Hey!

It's Stitch Fix time again!

If you're not familiar with Stitch Fix, it's a really neat way to shop for clothes wherein you let someone else do just about all of the work for you. You schedule when you want your shipment, or "fix," and write a brief note describing what you might be looking for. Stitch Fix assigns you with a stylist who picks out five pieces they think will be just right for you based on your size and style preferences. When your fix ships, you're charged a $20.00 fee. Once it arrives, you have three days to try everything on and decide what to keep or send back. You're only charged for what you keep, and the $20.00 styling fee is credited toward the cost of your keepers. If you keep nothing, you're out your $20.00. If you keep everything, you get 25% off your total, less the $20.00.  Best of all, you don't have to go shopping. You get unique, quality pieces delivered right to your door.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? If you think so, then consider signing up for your own fix. And, I'd love it if you sign up using my referral code: If you sign up using my link, I get a $25.00 credit when your fix ships.  Thanks in advance! I know you'll love it if you try it out. :)

This is my sixth fix and this time around I asked for white jeans, a classic denim jacket, and a dress or two for my nephew's baptism and summer weddings. I also asked to have the same stylist as last time, Anna.

My stylist definitely followed my requests! I had requested a denim jacket, white jeans, and a dress or two, each of which were in my fix. I also got two tops to mix and match with items from my fix. I could see directly how my stylist picked items for me based on my requests and on my Pinterest Board. Here's what I got in my fix this time:

41HAWTHORN Jace Chevron Print Dress
MAVI Kalie Distressed Denim Jacket
PIXLEY Miandra Embroidered Top
BRIXON IVY Priya Abstract Print Floral Knit Back Tank
MAVI Aiden Skinny Jean

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the items and outfits I got!

Outfit One, featuring: MAVI Kalie Distressed Denim Jacket, PIXLEY Miandra Embroidered Top, and MAVI Aiden Skinny Jean. 
Let's start with the pants. MAVI Aiden Skinny Jean. I requested white jeans. These are actually not white but a very pale gray. I wasn't opposed to the color upon seeing it, even though it wasn't true white, but when I put them on, it was just enough of an off-white that it looked awkwardly similar to skin color. When I walked into the other room to show my husband this outfit, he said he didn't see that I had pants on at first. That's a problem. They're also probably one size too small and I thought overall not the most flattering on me. I would have felt self-conscious wearing them to school and since that's the primary place I'd probably wear them, that wasn't going to work.  I may tell my stylist to try again. Or maybe I'll search online and see if I can find some white jeans that are a little thicker and more of a true white. I'd like some to wear for spring and summer.  VERDICT: RETURNED.

Next, MAVI Kalie Distressed Denim Jacket. I really liked the color and sandblasting on this jacket. It's pretty much what I was looking for when I requested a denim jacket. The problem with this jacket is that it's just enough too small that it's not going to work. I can't even come close to buttoning it and it was too tight through the shoulders, even unbuttoned. This is nitpicky, but I also didn't like the collar construction. If it's not perfect, I don't keep it, so... VERDICT: RETURNED.

Third piece in this outfit, PIXLEY Miandra Embroidered Top. I knew I would like this item as soon as I peaked and looked ahead at what I'd be getting in my fix. I was not disappointed when it came in! I love anything cobalt or royal blue-- it's a flattering color on me, AND it's one of our school colors. I have a lot in my wardrobe already to wear with this top, and I could dress it up or down. The size is just right on me, too. VERDICT: DEFINITE KEEPER! I wore this shirt to school today with some gray capris, a yellow cardigan and gold jewelry. I love bright primary colors!

Next item: BRIXON IVY Priya Abstract Print Floral Knit Back Tank
BRIXON IVY Priya Abstract Print Floral Knit Back Tank- This piece was clearly the favorite of my dog, Harvey, as he photobombed each of my photo attempts! But seriously, I really like this top, too. It's not something I would have picked out because for some reason florals don't speak to me when I'm shopping in a store, but the fit was great and I found that I have many items already in my closet that I can layer with this top to make different outfits. I actually wore this top on Saturday evening to a wedding with the gray jeans that are pictured, a blue cardigan, bronze jewelry, white jean jacket and my cowboy boots. (It's more than appropriate to wear jeans and boots to a wedding in small town Montana, fyi. I love this state!) VERDICT: DEFINITE KEEPER!

41HAWTHORN Jace Chevron Print Dress

41HAWTHORN Jace Chevron Print Dress. I styled this dress with a red belt I already had, just to break it up a little and help define my waist. These photos aren't that bad, but the dress was actually pretty unflattering on me. The pleats made my hips look bigger than they are and my husband said I looked, "wide" and "frumpy." The dress was also too big through the armholes, and makes it look like I have uniboob. Just wasn't a winner all around. I did ask for a dress or two but this one just wasn't going to work.

Here's a close up of the fabric for the Jace Dress.
It's actually a knit material and to me felt kind of flimsy and cheap. If I'm thinking about it from a production standpoint, it's probably inexpensive to buy compared to a woven, and stretchy, making it more likely to be flattering on many body types. Just not this one. VERDICT: Returned.

Overall, I kept two out of five items for about $80 spent. I'm really happy with my decisions on what to keep and what to send back. Again, I only keep what's PERFECT. What's the point of settling? Then you have a closet full of stuff that you never wear, and that's why I started doing Stitch Fix in the first place! Was my fix stylish, convenient, delightful, and fun? Absolutely! Did I love opening my box and trying everything on in the comfort of my own home? You bet. Did I feel like my stylist chose items that were curated for me? Definitely.

What did you think of my fix? What were your favorite pieces?

Here's the style cards and note that came with my fix.

I am planning on getting one more fix in May, then I'll probably take June and July off. Since I'm not in school those months, I don't have as much going on that I need nicer clothes for. I mostly wear t-shirts when I'm at home on the farm anyway. Then I can pick back up in August in time for back to school.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Don't forget to submit me some photos of places you love and/or are thankful for that I can use in an upcoming Thankful Thursday post! For more details on that, read my previous post! :)


  1. Love your fix. I got the floral knit top in my fix last week as well and I love it. Didn't think I would, but I do. Of course, the weather is now cold again and I can't wear it this week. Boo.

    1. Yes, I am really loving that top, too! It's too cold to wear it on it's own here in Montana, too, but I'm definitely going to be rocking it under some cardigans or my white jean jacket. :)

  2. Too bad the dress didn't work. I really liked it when I first saw it on you, then I noticed the armholes and everything else you said about it. The floral tank is awesome and would be a fun addition! Bummer on the jean jacket too that was really cute!

    1. Yeah I wanted the dress to work, too. Oh well! I think as far as denim jackets go, I may be able to find one online or elsewhere that I like just as well or even better, and hopefully cheaper. Thanks for your comments! :)

  3. I agree, I liked the dress too, but if you don't love it, not worth keeping. Cute stuff overall though, especially the cobalt top, what a great color!

    1. I am all over pretty much anything in any shade of blue or turquoise! The more the better! Thanks for your comments!


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