Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stitch Fix August 2015 Review

Guess what, everyone? It's Stitch Fix time!

Not familiar with StitchFix? If you're not familiar with Stitch Fix, it's a really neat way to shop for clothes wherein you let someone else do just about all of the work for you. You schedule when you want your shipment, or "fix," and write a brief note describing what you might be looking for. Stitch Fix assigns you with a stylist who picks out five pieces they think will be just right for you based on your size and style preferences. When your fix ships, you're charged a $20.00 fee. Once it arrives, you have three days to try everything on and decide what to keep or send back. You're only charged for what you keep, and the $20.00 styling fee is credited toward the cost of your keepers. If you keep nothing, you're out your $20.00. If you keep everything, you get 25% off your total, less the $20.00.  Best of all, you don't have to go shopping. You get unique, quality pieces delivered right to your door.

I've been shopping with Stitch Fix for just about a year now and I really, really love it. It's perfect for someone like me who doesn't really love shopping, lives in a rural area with limited access to good shopping, and is busy.

I've had the same stylist for several fixes in a row. My last fix didn't wow me, and the one before that wasn't outstanding either, so I requested a new stylist this time. My previous stylist (Anna) did a fine job, but I was just ready to mix it up a bit with someone new. I asked for pieces for back to school, including chinos, or colored jeans or pants that aren't denim. I also requested that the pieces are some that can be layered going forward into fall, and said I love colors like blue, yellow, orange, navy, black, and gray.

So... Imagine my surprise when I took out my style card and saw XO Anna on the bottom. She said she wanted to try one more fix with me. Ok then. Let's take a look at the photos and see how she did! 

Here's what Anna sent me this time:
41Hawthorn Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse
Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser
Brixon Ivy Coco Swiss Dot Lattice Detail Blouse
Fun2Fun Mina Split Neck Blouse
Zad Jorja Teardrop Bauble Necklace

First off, I put the Emer pants, Swiss Dot top and Zad necklace on all together:
Brixon Ivy Coco Swiss Dot Lattice Detail Blouse, Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser, and Zad Jorja Teardop Bauble Necklace, from Stitch Fix. 
Zad Jorja Teardrop Bauble Necklace
I had requested a necklace to match the turquoise earrings I received in my last fix and this is what Anna sent. In theory, it should have worked, but the turquoises don't match, and that bothered me. I know the stylists often work from home and don't get a chance to actually see or feel the product all the time, and, turquoise is really hard to match, so I definitely don't hold it against Anna! The necklace does look nice with the Swiss dot top, but it just looked and felt sort of cheap. I'd rather spend more money on a higher quality item. Two more photos below. Verdict: Returned.

Zad Jorja Teardop Bauble Necklace and Bay To Baubles Eugenia Triple Stone Earrings from Stitch Fix.
Zad Jorja Teardrop Bauble Necklace from Stitch Fix.
Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser
If you look on the Stitch Fix B/S/T Facebook group, the Emer pants are everyone's favorite. This is actually the second time I've received a pair of these in my fix. I got a pair of cobalt blue textured Emers back in March. This time, I got plain black Emers. The fabric is nice and feels high-quality, and they were a good, all-around workhorse pair of black pants. But. I already have a glutton of black pants in my closet. There's also something about the Emers that just don't work exactly perfect for me-- I get a little pooch in the crotch area after I wear them, and they gap in the waistband for me. A common problem with my strong legs and booty is that pants fit through the leg but gap at the waist. They're also just tight enough that some of the more conservative-minded wardrobe watchers at school might call them border-line leggings which is deemed inappropriate in our dress code, so there's that. I can see why a lot of people really love these pants, but they're just not for me. They'd have to be perfect at $98.00 for me to keep them, and they just aren't. There's another photo of the Emer pants with the Swiss Dot top below. Verdict: Returned.
Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser and Brixon Ivy Coco Swiss Dot Lattice Detail Blouse from Stitch Fix.
Ok, now let's talk about the Brixon Ivy Top! Oh, how I adore this top. :)

Brixon Ivy Coco Swiss Dot Lattice Detail Blouse
I knew I'd like this top from the moment I peeked at my fix online. It did not disappoint in person! The fit and fabric were perfect. It also comes with a matching cami to wear underneath, since it's definitely sheer and, hello, it has lattice detail in the front! Since I knew I wasn't going to be keeping the Emer pants, I tried this top again with jeans and a cardigan I already owned, and some necklaces:
Brixon Ivy Coco Swiss Dot Lattice Detail Blouse from Stitch Fix.
Another great feature of this top is that it has handy little snaps in the shoulder seams so you can hook your cami straps or bra straps in place so they won't peak out. Honestly, I could never understand why every sleeveless top doesn't have these little snaps in them:
If I can find some different pants to wear with this outfit, I'll definitely wear this to school. I like that the top is a neutral color I can wear year-round and with many different cardigans and layering pieces. This is a great, versatile top I know I will wear a lot! Destined to be in my Stitch Fix Hall of Fame. :) Verdict: Definite Keeper!

Next up, Fun2Fun Mina Split Neck Blouse-
Fun2Fun Mina Split Neck Blouse paired with 41 Hawthorn Abriana Longsleeve Knit Cardigan and 31Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace, from Stitch Fix.
Fun2Fun Mina Split Neck Blouse- I immediately saw why Anna picked this top for me. It has all the colors I requested in my note in one shirt! haha! How could I turn it down? I paired this with the 31Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace I got in my May Fix and the 41Hawthorn Abriana Longsleeve Knit Cardigan from my March Fix. Instant outfit success. Even without those pieces, I really liked this top. I like the lightweight material, the fit is great, I love the colors and patterns, and again, I have a lot of cardigans and layering pieces to carry this top through to colder months. This top will also look great now, in summer's heat, with the white shorts I got in my June fix (which I wear all the time!) This was also the cheapest item in my fix (other than the necklace) so the obvious choice was to keep it. Verdict: Kept!

The Fun2Fun blouse instantly made me think of this dress I had pinned. In my photo, the colors don't look as bright as they actually are, but it is actually quite similar in look to this African-inspired dress:
African Print Dress
Well done, Anna! Inspiration directly from my Pinterest. I do love me some primary colors all together! :)

Lastly, 41Hawthorn Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse:
41Hawthorn Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse from Stitch Fix
41Hawthorn Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse: Oh my, I knew I was in trouble when I peeked at this fix because I was pretty sure I'd like all three tops. I just didn't know what color this one would be until I opened the box. I had a suspicion it'd be cobalt blue, and, as you see, it was! Yay! It's a little loose and flowy on me, but not so much that it looks sloppy, especially if I can pair it with slim pants. I tried it on here with a Lia Sophia necklace I already owned in black and BAM! Perfect outfit for school functions--North Star Blue and Black!

This shirt is very, very similar to the 41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse, which is another Stitch Fix mainstay. I received a white one in my March Fix, and I wear it a ton! The biggest difference is the length- this top is probably a good two inches shorter than the Filbert. And obviously, this one has that cute quilting detail across the shoulders and at the sleeve hem. Love it. I loved the blue color, but the quilting was what really sold this one for me in the end. Verdict: Kept!

Here's another outfit I put together with the Angela blouse, with some leggings and boots:
41Hawthorn Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse from Stitch Fix with Herringbone Chaturanga Tights from Athleta.
Again, probably can't wear this outfit to work due to the leggings rule (you can wear leggings, but then you have to wear something over them that comes to 4" above the knee, which this top doesn't) but it's still a great outfit I think I'll wear outside of work. I love it when I can see other items in my closet to pair my Stitch Fix finds with!

Overall, this fix was a great success! I kept three items--all tops-- from this fix. Thankfully, I had a referral credit in my account to make my fix even cheaper! (Thanks, Joellyn!) Also, my confidence in Anna, my stylist, was renewed and I'm going to stick with her for the foreseeable future. If you think you want to give Stitch Fix a try, I'd love if you'd use my referral link: Yeah, you're only feeding my addiction. But just you try it and you'll see how addicting it is, too, especially when you get pieces that are hand-picked just for you! 

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Thanks, everyone! Until next time!!! :)


  1. I found this post because of your tagging Joellyn and it was really fun to read your experience with Stitch Fix. I've been getting Fixes also - and found your experience similar to mine. They send me tons of tops! And so many blue ones! Wonder if you have had one problem I'm finding - the tops are polyester, fairly fitting through the shoulders and sleeves and it's hard to pull them off! They fit, but because of the fabric which doesn't give at all, I have to almost do yoga poses to get the tops off. I don't always have good luck with my fixes but I'm a little addicted now. ;)

    1. Hi Lois! Thanks for reading and commenting on my post! I have to say that I too have noticed they send a lot of polyester tops. I have had that experience before with the wriggling in and out of non-stretchy tops! Sorry to hear you're not always having good luck with your fixes. You may already be doing this, but I have found that keeping a dedicated Pinterest board up-to-date has been very helpful! I also make sure I request what I DO want in my notes, and not say things like, "I don't want any jeans." Because the algorithm they use just picks up on key words like "Jeans," "shirts," "blue," "sleeveless," and doesn't see things like "I don't want" or "I do want." So, only put in your notes what you WANT in your fix. Make sense? :) Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll check out my blog again sometime!

  2. Thanks for your reply! I do have a dedicated Pinterest board but don't always take time before each fix to update it. That was a great tip about not saying what we DON'T want but focusing on what we do want.

    1. Good luck, Lois! My the Fix be with you! :)


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