Monday, June 1, 2015

Stitchfix May 2015 Review

It's time again for another Stitch Fix box opening and review on the blog!

I came across this article from the Harvard Business Review recently that goes more in-depth on the how and the why of Stitch Fix: What Stitch Fix Figured Out About Mass Customization, but the basic gist of it is that someone else picks out clothes for you so you don't have to go shopping. You sign up and fill out a style profile, then schedule your fix. Your stylist chooses five items to send you, then you're charged a $20.00 styling fee when your fix ships. You're not obligated to keep any of the five items you receive in your fix, so anything you don't want you can return in a mailing envelope, which is included in your box. You have three days to try everything on and decide, then send back what you don't want. Your $20.00 fee is credited toward the cost of the items you keep. And if you get a Stitch Fix Bingo (keeping all five items) you also get 25% off your total. It's totally convenient, super fun, and the clothes are of nice quality. At the very least, I recommend going on and filling out your style profile so that you can have a better idea of what you might like when you're out shopping for yourself.

Let's move on to my fix! This was my seventh fix, and the third time with my stylist, Anna. This time, I specifically asked for summer tops, and dresses and jewelry to wear for summer weddings. I also noted that I'd be looking for bright colors and bold patterns. I really think Anna took my request to heart and I could see thoughtfulness in her selections for me, as well as reference to my Stitchfix Pinterest board.  I keep my board updated for each fix I schedule, adding and deleting so that it is a well-edited representation of what I like and what I'm looking for. I think doing so makes a big difference in the quality of the fixes I receive.

Here's what I received this time:
My stylist definitely did not skimp on the bright colors and patterns!
Daniel Rainn Judith Spaghetti Strap Blouse
Collective Concepts Lydia Floral Print Keyhole Blouse
Gilli Mattie Mixed Print Crossback Maxi Dress
Leota Dariah Printed Dress
31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace

Since the weather is nice right now, I decided it would be fun to do my "photo shoot" outdoors with the smiley barn in the background for some of the shots. I've gotten a little better at using my phone and self timer to get my shots, but I could still use a little improvement... Enjoy the photos! Let me know what you think of the clothes!

First up, let's have a look at the 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace.
31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace from Stitch Fix.
Very cute packaging and awesome backstory!
 This was something I specifically requested in my note to Anna-- some jewelry from 31 Bits. It's a project Stitch Fix is working on with artisans from Uganda, who make all the jewelry for this line by hand from recycled materials. By keeping and purchasing this necklace (which I did) I am helping support the artisans, who are earning a fair wage. Love the story. Read the card the sent with my necklace below:
Information card for 31 Bits jewelry from Stitch Fix
I don't normally like chunky necklaces and jewelry, but again, I loved that I could feel good about purchasing this, knowing that I'm helping someone. The color is neutral and will go with anything and everything, which you'll see in the rest of my photos-- I wore this necklace with each of my remaining pieces. I do really like the look of the necklace, and that it is versatile, easy to wear, and comfortable. Status: Kept!

Next, Daniel Rainn Judith Spaghetti Strap Blouse, worn with my own jeans and the 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace.
Daniel Rainn Judith Spaghetti Strap Blouse and 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace from Stitch Fix.
This top was light and breezy for summer and I could see definite inspiration from my Pinterest board as to why Anna chose this for me. It's hard to tell in the photos, but it's actually a lot too big for me. I had to cinch the straps way up and sort of pinch it in the back so that I could even wear it for these pictures. I don't love coral-tone colors for my skin tone, so to have it right up by my face wasn't good. Overall, I just felt like it was too big and too sparse and, well, I just didn't really like this piece that much. Status: Returned.

Collective Concepts Lydia Floral Print Keyhole Blouse and 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace.
Collective Concepts Lydia Floral Print Keyhole Blouse and 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace from Stitch Fix.
I had this top pinned on my Pinterest board because I had seen it around on others' reviews and thought I would like it. I do really like the pattern on this blouse and the fabric was really silky and soft, even though I think it was polyester. I also like the details of this blouse: pleats down center-front, nice detail on back shoulder, contrast fabric on the shoulders, and the keyhole front. But again, this top was probably at least one size too big for me. It felt like I was wearing a tent. And the keyhole opening was actually pretty low--I'd definitely have to wear a cami underneath and who wants to wear two shirts during hot summer months? If this had been a size smaller I may have kept it, but I just didn't love it as much in person as I thought I would. Not enough to request an exchange of size from Customer Service. Status: Returned.

Gilli Mattie Mixed Print Crossback Maxi Dress and 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace.
Gilli Mattie Mixed Print Crossback Maxi Dress and 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace from Stitch Fix
I have been requesting summer dresses to wear to weddings for a few fixes now and this time Anna sent me two to choose from. This was the first one I put on and it was super comfortable and fit perfectly. Even the length was good, which is a bit surprising because I have short legs! When I first tried this one on, I thought it was a keeper. It has a flattering cut, and was actually slimming on me, emphasizing my waist and not my (large!) booty. This dress also has some interesting cut-outs with the cross-back. The cut and material is placed just right, though, so that you can still wear a normal bra. Perfect!

The one thing that bothered me about this dress was that the pattern didn't match up at the side seam. For some, this is nitpicky, but for me, it just wouldn't cut it. To me, the fact that there wasn't enough attention to quality and detail to match the pattern just cheapened the whole look and made it seem like something I'd buy at a discount store. So, even though it was pretty flattering on me overall, and at first I thought this was the keeper of the bunch, I sent this one back.  Status: Returned.

Last but not least, Leota Dariah Printed Dress and 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace.
Leota Dariah Printed Dress and 31 Bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace from Stitch Fix.
Also shown with my own denim jacket from Eddie Bauer, my cowboy boots, the dogs, a smiley barn, and some of my own jewelry from Lia Sophia.
I had some fun with this dress! This dress at first sight, I wasn't sure about. I thought the pattern looked too busy and that it "wasn't me." But again, the cut of this dress was absolutely perfect for me. This dress fits me like it was made just for me-- felt like a custom order! And the material feels luxurious. It's a high-end polyester/spandex blend that behaves like a silk crepe. The drape and flow is beautiful. For some reason, I was planning on sending this dress back and keeping the maxi, but when I tried these on for my husband's opinion, he convinced me to keep this one instead. I wore it that very same night (Saturday) to a wedding and received TONS of compliments. Here's another photo, taken by Jeff, as we headed to town for the wedding:
Leota Dariah Printed Dress from Stitch Fix.
Anna suggested wearing this Leota dress to a summer wedding with a bold clutch and my favorite heels. Well... I don't own any heels and it's Montana, so that meant cowboy boots and a denim jacket! But, I'm already thinking ahead to my next trip to Washington D.C. and I know I'll be able to take this dress a bit more formal for Senate office visits. Also, as I thought more about the pattern of this dress, I was reminded quite a bit of Boden USA, which is another clothing company whose style I really love and have referenced in my Stitch Fix profile and Pinterest board. Again, Anna has noticed and remembered the details!

The other awesome thing about Leota as a company is that they make all their garments in New York City. I am a big fan of USA made clothing because it means I know the workers are making a fair wage and it keeps jobs here at home! Because of all the amazingness of this dress, I justified the high price tag of around $140. I know I'll wear this a ton and get my money's worth. Status: Definite Keeper!

So this time I kept two items out of five from my fix. My next fix is scheduled for late June to arrive in Iowa. I'm having it shipped to my parents house because Jeff and I will be visiting at that time and my mom, who is also into Stitch Fix, will be getting her fix at the same time. We plan to open ours and try everything on together. Should be fun!
Here's my style cards from this fix. 
If you're interested in getting started, please Click Here to fill out your style profile and schedule your first fix. Yes, I do get a small referral fee if you sign up. It'll go to feed my Stitch Fix addiction! But seriously, it's super convenient and lots of fun, especially if you loathe shopping, as I do.

So what did you think of my fix? Did I keep the right things? What would you have done?


  1. I love that dress you kept and it looks perfect with your boots! You look great :) I really love your Stitchfix posts :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I love doing the Stitchfix posts, even though they really don't have much to do with anything on our farm, or running, or anything else I write about. But it's definitely fun!

  2. Oh, too bad that maxi dress didn't work out, it was cute! But you want to love it, especially because the items aren't really that cheap...

    I love the dress you kept though, especially paired with cowboy boots :)

  3. Thanks! Cowboy boots are always in style in Montana! :)


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