Tuesday, October 21, 2014

StitchFix October 2014 Review

It's here! It came today! My second Stitchfix box!

I'm joining the blogging masses in doing an actual StitchFix review this time. Last time, my box arrived the night before we were headed out to Washington D.C. and I just didn't have time. I wasn't sure in the long run whether or not I wanted to do a review on the blog anyway, but in the end decided that I find it very helpful to see what other people are getting in their boxes, so I can do the same.

Here's where the obligatory informational paragraph about Stitchfix comes in. Only I'm not going to do it. There are a million blog posts out there with descriptions about how it works. I'm just going to jump right in to photos and info about what I got in my box this time and whether or not I kept anything.

So, here goes!

Kut From The Kloth Sonja Straight Leg Jean:
Ok, so let's start by just putting it out there that my photos leave much to be desired. This is supremely unflattering of me, and doesn't really show the product that well either.

Now that that's out of the way.

I wanted to like these jeans. But. Actually, I should say... BUTT! haha. I have a curvy, athletic, rounded ghetto-booty. I have always had trouble finding jeans that fit over the badonkadonk and fit close in the waist. I could have taken inches out of the waist, even though these fit well through the booty and thunder-thighs, #athleteprobs Jeans are something I don't spend money on unless they fit perfect because I know I ultimately won't wear them if they aren't just right. Sidenote: I kept the jeans on while trying the remaining items in my box, in case you want to try to sneak another peak at them.
Verdict: Sent Back. 

Market and Spruce Genesis Ruffle Hem Top:
Wow. Again, with the terrible photography. Patches of light right on the product.

I really, really liked this top. Jeff complimented me right away when I put it on. Everyone knows compliments from the hubs usually seal the deal. I had cheated and looked up my order before it arrived and was really hoping this top would turn out to be as awesome as it looked like it would be. It was. It actually surpassed expectations with the cute bow detail at the back neck. Love it! Already planning outfits in my mind around this one.
Verdict: Kept! 

Market and Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top:
Hey! At least I thought of a different spot for the photo without so much weird lighting!

This top was cute and I did like it, but it didn't WOW me enough to keep it for the price.  Overall, though the fit is good, the colors are good colors for me, and the material was soft. With an unlimited budget, probably would have kept it. Just not this time.
Verdict: Sent Back. 

Market and Spruce Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan:
I had seen this cardigan on many other StitchFix review blog posts, and when I saw that I was getting it, I felt like... "oh great... you're sending me the same thing you send everyone else! What fun is that!?" But then I tried it on, and I really liked it! Even Jeff was underwhelmed when I unpacked it from the box, but once I put it on, he put in his positive vote, too. The color is not something I would normally pick, but I think it looks nice on me, and is a good neutral that I can wear with a lot. Super soft, too. Pleasantly surprised with this top. 
Verdict: Kept!

41Hawthorn Aspen Boat Neck Striped Cotton Tee:
 I knew right away that I would not be keeping this top. I bought something almost identical to this recently from Banana Republic. If it had come down to keeping everything but this in my box, I would have kept it and sent it to my Mom (we have really similar taste, and I think she would like this), but alas. With two other no's, there was no pressure to keep this one. It's pretty basic, but it does fit me great and the fabric was super soft and flattering. My stylist nailed my taste-- just don't need two of the same thing! 
Verdict: Sent Back.

So, there you have it. I kept two out of five items. The ones I sent back were pretty much my taste, but didn't fit right (jeans), were too expensive (lace-front top), or were nearly identical to something I already own (stripe top). My stylist, who was actually different this time than in my first fix, did a great job!

What do you think? What did you like or dislike? What would you have kept or sent back?

If you're interested in trying out Stitchfix, I get a bonus when you sign up through my referral link and when your first box ships. If you feel so inspired, help a girl out! Here's my referral link: Click here to sign up for your first StitchFix Box!

Until next time, readers!


  1. You ended up with some really fun stuff! I am getting a fix soon, and i hope I get that Ruffle Hem top- very cute!

  2. Thanks! The ruffle-hem top was definitely my runaway favorite, too! I hope your fix is great, too! :)

  3. I would have kept those two things too, they look great. I have that same problem with jeans, so annoying! I haven't tried Stitch fix. Tempting though I do hate shopping in stores,

  4. Christy- I would recommend StitchFix. So far, my experience has been very positive. I like letting someone else pick out clothes for me (thus avoiding stores!), and it's super fun to get the box and try everything on. Plus, you can set your price range to meet your budget.


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