We live on a fourth-generation farm and ranch located in the North-Central Montana High Plains Shortgrass Prairie. My husband, Jeff, and I raise small grains on a dryland farm. We typically raise wheat, barley, and peas, and we also have a small cow/calf operation. We do all our farming together with Jeff's parents, Tom and Carol, who are living on the family land. As they transition into retirement, Jeff and I are transitioning to management of the farm. One of the goals of this blog is to educate people about some of our farming and ranching practices and what being a farmer is like. We are conventional farmers but believe in farming in such a way as to remain sustainable and to be good stewards of the land.

I hope you learn something about agriculture as you continue to read and follow my blog. If you have any specific questions about farming, ranching, or our operation that you'd like me to address, please let me know.

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