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StitchFix January 2015 Review

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Some of us were lucky enough to enjoy Monday off of work and bask in a long weekend, myself included. Jeff and I took our annual January trip to West Glacier, MT. We left Friday and returned last night. I'll write more about this trip and post it later this week, because today's post is going to be devoted to clothes. That's right-- I received another StitchFix box last week!

It arrived Thursday night, so with packing for our weekend away, I didn't have time to get my blog post up. But I DID make time on Thursday evening to try everything on, get Jeff to snap some photos, and decide what I'd be keeping or sending back. Read on to see what I got!

First off, I have had a few questions from friends who read my blog and want to know a little more about Stitch Fix. I haven't done an informational blurb about it yet, so I'm going to do that now. If you already feel like you know what it's all about, just scroll down.

Here's the skinny: You register on the StitchFix website and fill out a style profile-- that's all free. Even if you don't plan on signing up to receive any fixes, it's still fun to do the style profile and maybe learn something more about what you do and don't like. This is also where you set a price range for your stylist to stay within when selecting items for you. Then, you can schedule your fix for a date you'd like to receive your shipment. At this time, you'll also write a little note to your stylist with more details about what you might want to see in your fix. When your stylist ships your fix, you're charged a $20.00 styling fee. Soon after that, you receive your happy box of stuff in the mail! Yay!  You have three days to try everything on, deliberate, and decide what you'll keep. Whatever you don't want, you ship back in a postage-paid envelope, which you can send through regular USPS mail. You'll receive five items in your Fix. Typically, one pair of pants, three tops, and one accessory. Your $20.00 styling fee is credited toward the total cost of any items you decide to keep. If you keep all five of your items, your total will be less your $20.00 fee AND you get 25% off everything! You can sign up to receive your fixes automatically, or you can just go on the site and schedule a fix only when you want to receive one (that's what I do).

Now, let's get into my Fix from January! I had high hopes for this fix because my last one was really great and I felt like I had been very specific in my note to my Stylist and in the pins I put on my Pinterest board. Again, I"ll mention as a disclaimer that this is NOT a fashion blog and my husband is NOT a fashion photographer! Ha! That being said, I think we do at least an OK job of showing the clothes in the photos.  Here's what I got:

Outfit One, Featuring Mavi Gold Nigel Skinny Jean and Evolution by Cyrus Bolina Marled Knit Sweater.
I had specifically requested another pair of pants that fit like the black cords I received in my last fix. These did fit like the last pants and are the same brand, but I just didn't think they were as flattering somehow. Maybe some strategic sandblasting would have been good? For the price, they just didn't Wow me and when it comes to pants, I want them to pretty much be perfect before I'll keep them.

The sweater was my stylists response to my request for "Montana Snow Bunny" and ski lodge apparel. I knew I'd have several fun ski weekends planned for this winter and specifically requested some fun sweaters for that reason. This sweater, however, did not fit the bill for me. I thought it was just sort of sad and frumpy and too big. In addition to looking bad on me, it was boring. Not what I'd want to wear for beers at the lodge.

Outfit Two, Featuring Mavi Gold Nigel Skinny Jean and Market and Spruce Elissa French Terry Striped Moto Jacket.
This is a top I had seen on someone else's StitchFix review blog post and really liked. It was pinned on my Pinterest board and my stylist delivered on this one! The fit is great and I love all the cute zipper details. The fabric is soft and the colors are neutral. I can wear this with a lot. I think this is the third or fourth item that I've kept overall from Market and Spruce, so this seems to be a brand that matches my style and fits me well. I'm looking forward to wearing this jacket this week with some black pants and a bold colored top underneath. Definite keeper!

The same jeans as in the previous outfit. Again, I just don't think they really do anything for me, especially for the price (which was just a little higher than my targeted price range).

Outfit Three, Featuring Sweet Rain Sterling Quilted Pullover Top and Octavia Harlow Heart Print Infinity Scarf.
 I tried this top on with some of my own jeans and threw it over a tank top. I have requested Navy in my note each time I go for a fix because it's a color I wear a lot, but I didn't care for this top overall. It was comfortable and soft, but again I thought it looked frumpy on me. Jeff said, "That looks like it came from Kmart," and I described it as, "I think it's a confused sweatshirt." Too boxy. Quilting idea is not bad, but this style just didn't work for me.

The heart-print scarf was cute and would have been really fun for Valentine's Day, especially since I work in a school, but once again this scarf was pretty similar to something I already have. The scarf wasn't expensive, but since it didn't really fill a need for me, it went back. If I hadn't been already planning on keeping something else from this fix, I would have kept the scarf so as not to lose my $20 styling fee. I would also have kept it in order to get 25% off my order if I had been keeping everything else. Neither of those situations was happening, so buh-bye scarf.
 Harvey weighed in with his opinion, which was primarily something to the effect of, "I don't care which scarf you keep. Just please pet me, Mom, pet me!"  Gotta love the Velcro Vizsla photobomb!

All of my items from this fix, in a neat little pile! 
Just to recap what I got and what I kept, here's a list:
Mavi Gold Nigel Skinny Jean: Returned.
Octavia Harlow Heart Print Infinity Scarf: Returned.
Market and Spruce Elissa French Terry Striped Moto Jacket: Kept! Yay!
Evolution by Cyrus Bolina Marled Knit Sweater: Returned.
Sweet Rain Sterling Quilted Pullover Top: Returned.

What did you think of what I got? What would you have kept or returned? Overall, I wanted more from this fix and was disappointed in what I got, other than the Moto Jacket. I had specifically written in my note about a new black skirt I had received for Christmas and wanting something to wear with it. My stylist this time didn't even address that, even though I had called it out and pinned a couple of images of the skirt on my Pinterest board. I had a different stylist again this time, and I think the ones I had previously understood my style a little better.

If you want to check out my posts about previous fixes, you can do that here:
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I plan to set up my next fix to be delivered in March, and I think I'll request the same stylist I had from my December fix because so far, I've been happiest with that one. I'm still having lots of fun with StitchFix and I can't wait for my next fix to come!

If you want to give it a try, click this link to get started: Katie's Referral Link to Sign Up for Stitch Fix! I would really appreciate the credit. :)

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