One thing I've brought with me from my previous life and upbringing in Iowa is a love for running. I grew up in an active family--we were often travelling to fun runs and races together and it's a hobby I have continued with throughout my life. Today, I continue to run up and down the gravel roads and trails around the farm and can usually be found training for an upcoming 5K or 10K. I'm also an Assistant Track and Field Coach at our local high school, North Star. Go Knights!

Running is one of my passions and I believe it has helped shape me into a more positive person. I am always hoping to inspire others to find a way that fitness can help bring more fulfillment to their lives as well! If you have questions about running or want to get together and run sometime, please contact me. :) 

Getting ready to run Shape Up Montana Virtual 5K with Jeff and his parents, and Abby the Golden Retriever in March 2015.

Current Personal Records
**I'm not the fastest girl on the block, but I'm constantly working toward getting better, and I'm proud of my accomplishments. Plus, any time you're moving, you're lapping everyone who's on the couch!!**
5K Distance: 26:32 Achieved at Let Freedom Run, 7/4/14, Choteau, MT.
10K Distance: 54:01 Achieved during Log Off, Shut Down, Go Run Virtual Run, 4/24/15

Race Recaps 2015

Race Recaps 2014

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Team Beef Montana
I also run for Team Beef Montana, which is a loosely organized group of beef ranchers and enthusiasts who run. We love beef and we love running and we know that beef can be part of a healthy diet to provide fuel for the run and the recovery. I get to wear a sweet jersey when I compete and I try to promote beef as an efficient and healthy food source for runners and everyone else!
After completing Kickin Assphault 10K, September 2014.
Check back on this page for continued updates on race recaps and running fun!

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